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To lead engineering research an development for the Interchain Earth Program, you will have already had significant experience working with the Cosmos SDK and of architecting distributed, consensus-driven, cryptographically secure software systems.
You will work with incredibly smart people and collaborate with a wide range of really interesting organisations and people across the world. This demands great communication, self-management, and leadership skills. 
You will become a core contributor and integral member of the developer community which is building and maintaining the Cosmos SDK.
The scope of work and technical areas relevant to this program will give you the opportunity to collaborate with other program teams across the ICF, including the Cosmos Builders Program –to increase developer capacity, the Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC) Program –to advance interoperability between blockchain networks, and with external teams who have been commissioned to build the bridges, relayers, modules and client SDK tooling for the Cosmos ecosystem. 
You will also work with the implementers and users of these technologies, to understand their requirements and pain-points. This offers an incredible opportunity for personal growth and professional achievement.

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