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Role for a Metaverse business developer to start immediately. Initial part-time trial of 4-6 weeks with option to transition to full-time after.  
You will be responsible for community engagement and understanding the  technological needs of the extended Metaverse community builders and  reporting them back to the Artwallet product team. 
Your first task will be to document all of the features necessary and desired by  the core existing metaverse creators that could be implemented in a wallet. 
Your role: 
[1] Actively participating in Metaverse platforms (building, gathering data, etc.)  [2] Engaging with the artists and creators inside these platform  [3] Tracking the technologies used and the needs of these creators [4] Play testing the Artwallet features to make sure they are in line with creator  needs.  
[5] (potentially) traveling to fine art shows and galleries and educating fine art  collectors about what is happening in the metaverse.  
Please respond with: 
[1] A cover letter detailing your current involvement and interests in the  Metaverse  
[2] A CV in a standard or non-standard format. 
[3] Salary requirements 
[4] Current location and ability to travel/relocate

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